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Austin, TX Success Stories

Brooklyn, client for 2 years

"I was told you were wonderful but was blown away by the professionalism of your entire website, booking, payment and stunned upon meeting you in regards to your demeanor, maturity - I think you have more experience with children than I do and I actually have one :) You are providing a wonderful service to busy, worried moms who just want to feel like their children are in mature, trustworthy hands. Congrats and I think Babysitting Austin, LLC is going to be HUGE!"

Trae, client for 3 years

"Being new to Austin, it was a bit daunting to find a trustworthy and reliable babysitter. Babysitting Austin has been a godsend to us as our family has acclimated to our new home town. They are reliable in all ways that matter to parents: they respond quickly to requests, arrive promptly, are certified in safety and emergency techniques, stay completely engaged with the children from start to finish, tidy up their adventures along the way, and maintain our family's routines around meals, screen time and bedtime. They also pass the kid test: they are fun, encouraging, and energetic!  We are so grateful we found Babysitting Austin!"

Molly, client for 3 years

"I have had the pleasure of letting Babysitting Austin take care of our two children (now 10 and 12) over the last year. The kids love it, and it makes it so easy to slip out for some adult time. It’s almost as if they look forward to us leaving! They are punctual, energetic, flexible, responsible and, most importantly, attentive to our family values. I would HIGHLY recommend Babysitting Austin. I look forward to having them take care of our children again soon."